Disputing Dave Ramsey’s View on Fixed Equity Indexed Annuities

There is no question that Dave Ramsey has some great financial advice and has helped countless people live debt free and financially secure lives.  But his view on annuities is too far-fetched; just because annuities aren't best for some people he assumes they aren't good for anyone.  Annuity Think Tank published a great rebuttal to Dave Ramsey's sweeping generalization of fixed and fixed equity indexed annuities.  Dave Ramsey says that he doesn't have any annuities and because of this, no... Read More

Variable Annuity is a Hot Product

The Insured Retirement Institute found that variable annuities are as popular as ever, reaching record levels of sales in the 3rd quarter of this year.  Net variable annuity sales of $8.8 billion had not been reached since the 3rd quarter of 2007 saw $8.9 billion in sales.  With this quarter's $39 billion in total variable annuity sales, the industry is on track to reach $150 billion in annuity sales for the year.  This information comes from Advisor One's Danielle Andrus, in her article... Read More

3 Annuity Questions to Consider

I found an Insurance News Net article listing three very basic questions to ask before purchasing an annuity.  In Maureen McLaughlin's "Guide Clients Down the Right Annuity-Route," she says that the questions are just as important for advisors as they are for those purchasing the annuity.  It is crucial for clients to trust their annuity advisors and get the most reliable and understandable information from them.  Understanding annuities can be a time-consuming endeavor, but with the right... Read More

Fixed Annuity Allowing Continuing Contributions

Security Benefit Life Insurance Company has introduced a new fixed annuity built for 403(b) plans.  According to a Market Watch press release, "New Fixed Annuity From Security Benefit Life Insurance Company Brings Flexibility to 403(b) Marketplace," this 'Total Interest Annuity' has one really interesting benefit.  This fixed annuity is SBL's first to allow ongoing contributions of up to $16,500 every year.  You can also use IRA's or other rollovers to fund the 'Total Interest Annuity'.The... Read More

John Hancock Offers ‘Inflation-Guard’ Fixed Annuity

The newest product from John Hancock Annuities offers investors protection of their principal and an opportunity for growth to protect from the rising costs of inflation.  A company press release introduced 'Inflation Guard' this week.  While it is a typical fixed annuity because it offers the benefit of principal protection, this annuity has more to offer investors.  John Hancock Annuities' President says that they are happy to grow their line of fixed annuities with this offer of growth to... Read More

CommandMark: Phoenix’s New Fixed Annuity

In collaboration with the Legacy Marketing Group, Phoenix Companies is introducing new fixed annuity products.  Annuity News Journal's Steve Thompson introduces CommandMark in the article, "The Phoenix Companies announce the launch of a new annuity product."  Phoenix believes this is the perfect time for an annuity product tailored to consumer need because consumers have been flocking to annuities.  Legacy works with annuity companies to develop products that will best suit investors. ... Read More

Fixed Indexed Annuity Sales Break Records

The new generation of fixed index annuity products offer excellent guarantees with market downside protection, and they also have lower fees.  Annuity FYI's article "Fixed Index Annuities Getting a Fresh Look," says that last year's sales of $31.4 billion broke sales records for the second year in a row.  Fixed indexed annuity products are very complex and while they are an excellent investment for many people, you definitely need to research the underlying index, the formula which credits... Read More

Best Immediate Annuities or Deferred Annuities for Retirees

The Insurance News Net article "Plan Ahead and Secure a Future with Retirement Annuities," by John Mulcahy, gives some annuity basics to baby boomers looking for a secure retirement.  Retirees look to financial advisors to help them sift through all of the investment options available.   Since advisors literally have some retirees entire financial future in their hands, it is imperative that the right investment is found for each retiree.  Since the majority of people are living longer due... Read More

The Best Annuities As Chosen by Barron’s

According to Karen Hube's article "Best Annuities" in Barron's, annuities will take away the worry that many retirees have about outliving their money.  Barron's has picked 25 of the best annuities to highlight in their article.  As Americans saw half or more of their stock portfolios disappear in the stock market collapse and volatile market of the past 3 years, those with annuities were sitting pretty with little to no worry about how they would live in retirement.  Annuity critics used to... Read More

Immediate Annuity Rates, Guarantees, GAO Bringing Investors In

Insurance companies and financial advisors are pleased that the Government Accountability Office is recommending immediate annuities to middle income families, but they don't think that a huge sales boom is going to happen overnight.  According to Darla Mercado's Investment News article, "Financial advisers, insurers hail GAO plug for immediate annuities," the GAO is admitting that Social Security is flawed and retirees need to have added income to finance their retirement.  Despite the fact... Read More

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