For Annuities: Choose Your Insurance Company Wisely

It is crucial to choose insurance companies wisely when purchasing annuities.  Your annuity is only as sound as the insurance company that is backing it up.  Sometimes it can be beneficial to split your money into annuities at different insurance companies for even more security.  Kathy Kristoff of the LA Times further explained in "Check out what's backing your life insurance policy".Variable annuities are usually managed by separate investment companies, so in the event of an insurance... Read More

Annuity GLWB Features Understood

Many consumers ask what guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit features are the best to have.  The article "Which GLWB Is 'Best?'" by Jack Marrion of National Underwriter seeks to answer this question.  The purpose of the GLWB is twofold: erasing the fear of running out of money in the future and giving control of the product to you.  No matter which GLWB one chooses, the benefits are the same.  Annuity owners will receive a percentage of the annuity value over their lifetime even if the... Read More

New Variable Annuity from John Hancock

According to "John Hancock Releases Retail Variable Annuity" by Rebecca Moore from Plan Advisor, this new annuity has fewer costs associated with it and is quite simple in comparison to other variable annuities.AnnuityNote has 5 main benefits for the purchaser.  The first is a guaranteed income for life of 5% after waiting for 5 years.  There also is not a surrender charge so investors can access their money immediately if need be.  The annual expense is 1.74% which includes both the... Read More

Annuities are a Great Way to Expand Savings

Americans are saving more than ever and annuity products give the flexibility and guaranteed retirement income they seek for those savings.  For the first time since the beginning of 1995, Americans' personal rate of savings have skyrocketed to 5.7%.  This report comes from Jeannine Aversa with the Associated Press.  Americans are spending a little less and saving a lot more as their income finally began to grow in May after a stagnant April.  Although economists had forecasted a .2%... Read More

Fixed Indexed Annuities

How can you maintain a conservative investment approach while reaping potential benefits from financial markets?  Fixed Indexed Annuities might be a great option for you.  FIAs are tied to market performance, usually the S&P 500, and have higher returns than bonds, CDs and money market accounts most of the time.  The point of an FIA is to exceed fixed market performance rather than beating the financial markets, like a variable annuity.Your principal is safe from losses in the stock... Read More

Annuity Withdrawal Advice

People everywhere are finding themselves in need of money fast due to difficult economic times.  The CEO and President of NAVA, The Association for Insured Retirement Solutions, Cathy Weatherford has advice for people in this situation.  Before taking any action, consider the following tips.Talk to your financial advisor to discuss all of your options before tapping into retirement funds Remember why you purchased your annuity in the first place-security and lifetime guaranteed income. ... Read More

Fixed Annuity Sales Results

According to a press release by Beacon Research, fixed annuity sales estimates in the U.S. for the first quarter of this year were $34.9 billion.  The Fixed Annuity Premium Study comprised of data from 53 insurance companies, which account for about 86% of this market.  This sales number was not only the highest since 2003 when the study was first completed, but was also 78% higher than the same quarter last year.The four types of annuities assessed ranked in sales high to low starting... Read More

Variable Annuities Can Help You Save for Retirement

When saving for retirement, there are a few questions to ask yourself to see if a variable annuity is right for you.  Even though they have taken some hits in this bear market, shared 6 scenarios where a variable annuity can be right for your retirement plans.You're looking towards the long-term and won't need your money before you plan to retire Any 401(k)'s or IRA's that your company sponsors have been maximized with contributions You are able to take advantage of the... Read More

ANNUITY FYI Immediate Annuity Calculator

Are you interested in an Immediate Annuity?  Annuity FYI has a new Immediate Annuity Calculator.  This will allow you to get a quote by e-mail or phone, whichever you prefer.An Immediate Annuity allows an investor to receive payments right away, or at a date set in the future.  This is great for the investor that needs the money coming in as soon as they invest.  Payments can be received over a certain time frame or for the rest of your life and can be fixed or variable based on the... Read More

Thinking About Buying A Variable Annuity? Take Advantage of Current Features Before May

While the value of a variable annuity has sunk along with the stock market, it may actually be a good idea to purchase one soon if you're interested. Marc Ruiz in the Chicago Post-Tribune points out that the variable annuities currently on the market filed their contracts with regulatory agencies last May, before the current financial crisis. Federal law prohibits insurers from deviating from that contract during the regulatory year, and existing investors will not be subject to the changes... Read More - Prefooter

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