Why Equity Indexed Annuities Are Popular

According to Matthew Sturdevant of The Hartford Courant, "Indexed Annuities (are) a Perfect Investment During (the) Recession."  His interview with Dana Pederson of Phoenix Cos. explains why equity indexed annuities are so important for investors and so popular right now.  An indexed annuity is almost like a hybid of a fixed annuity and a variable annuity.  Since your investment is linked to an equity index, you have the potential to earn money if there is a gain in your index.  But unlike... Read More

Immediate Annuities for Retirement Income

In Jeff Benjamin's Investment News article "Five ways to boost retirement income," immediate annuities are at the top of the list.  The best way for retirees to make the most of the retirement savings they have built is to have diverse yet safe investments that will continue to generate income even in retirement.  By establishing a steady income stream that will carry you through rough economic times, you will be able to have the flexibility to manuever through assets with some risk to... Read More

Compare Annuities & Equity Linked CDs

Whether a deferred fixed annuity or a CD is better for your savings plan depends on a number of individual factors.  You can compare annuities and bank CDs regarding the safety of your principal, the length of term you are looking for, your distribution options, and tax benefits.  Both products are lower-risk than many other options, yet differ from one another significantly.  Your financial priorities and goals will help determine if a deferred fixed annuity or CD is best for... Read More

Record Sales of Fixed Annuities

New York Life Insurance Company had a great first half of 2010 thanks to their sales of long term care insurance, fixed annuities, and mutual funds.  According to Insurance News Net's "New York Life Sees 47% Rise in Life Insurance Sales in First Half of 2010," the largest mutual life insurer in the U.S. and its 11,500 agents will remain leaders in their marketplace.The 47% increase in sales of individual life insurance is even in comparison to 2009's all-time record sales.  Their Custom... Read More

Restored Interest in Variable Annuities

According to California's Daily Breeze article "MONEYWISE: Looking into the renewed interest in investing in annuities," Stephanie Enright says that the government's interest in promoting annuities has sparked an increased interest from investors.  Annuities are most often issued by insurance companies and grow over time with the expectation that you can receive lifetime income payments in retirement.  Two reasons annuities are popular are that some have a long-term-care insurance rider,... Read More

Sun Life President Defends Annuity Products

One of Canada's largest insurance companies, Sun Life Financial Co., is working to expand their U.S. business.  According to The Boston Globe article "Sun Life broadens its horizons in US," Todd Wallack says that Sun Life is in the midst of a huge nationwide advertising campaign.  Wallack interviewed the head of Sun Life in the U.S., Wes Thompson.  Their U.S. unit is based in Wellesley, MA, employs more than 1,800 people, and serves millions of customers in the U.S.  Sun Life's biggest... Read More

GMWB's and Death Benefits From Jackson

Jackson National Life Insurance Company had a press release Monday introducing their newest annuity option, "Jackson Introduces LifeGuard Freedom 6SM Net GMWB."  The guaranteed minimum withdrawal benefit allows investors to increase their withdrawal amounts, thereby increasing their overall income and reducing their tax liability.  The benefit is optional and comes at an extra charge.  It is available on all of the variable annuities in Jackson's Perspective group of products.  Those who... Read More

Do You Have a Death Benefit Annuity?

Opinions on death benefit annuity riders are wide-ranging.  While your monthly payments will be smaller with such a rider, your money is not lost to your family should you die sooner than expected.  When the annuitant dies, any listed beneficiary will receive the annuity's proceeds.  You can name one or more people, a trust, or even an organization as your beneficiary.  Beneficiaries can take the annuity money in either a lump sum or as periodic payments.  Since many annuities defer taxes,... Read More

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