Despite the Skeptics, Prudential Believes in Variable Annuities

In "Sidestepping Skepticism, Prudential Scores with Variable Annuities," Matt Ackerman of Bank Investment Consultant describes how consumers' opinions of variable annuities are changing.  While many people thought variable annuities were "too expensive or too complicated", they seem to realize the great potential of these annuity products now.  Since retirement savings have gone down by 40% over the last year and a half, consumers are warming up to this product with its guaranteed income,... Read More

Equity Linked CD Recommendation

An equity linked CD is a certain type of a certificate of deposit in which the rate of return is linked to a stock index such as the S&P 500.  Equity linked CD's are issued by banks and insured by the FDIC, offering the confidence that your investment is always secure.  When you compare equity linked CDs with annuities, you'll find that the products offer a lot of the same benefits.  Principal protection is one of the main benefits offered by both retirement products.  They also offer... Read More

Despite a Fixed Annuity Decline, Annuity Sales Boomed in 2009

Investment News' Darla Mercado summarizes the variable and fixed annuity sales of 2009 in her article "Banks' annuity fee income rose, FA sales fell in '09 3Q."  Through the first three quarters of last year, bank holding companies saw the fee income from their annuity sales increase.  The sale of fixed annuities however, decreased in the third quarter due to their decline in popularity through 2009.  With $2 billion in fee income from variable and fixed annuity sales during the first three... Read More

Comparing Fixed Annuity Rates Follows FINRA's Advice for 2010

The FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) Foundation has some financial advice for all of us as we move along in a new decade.  FINRA's news release this week was entitled "FINRA Foundation Issues Seeking Solid Financial Footing for the Next Decade: 10 Tips for 2010." This advice released by FINRA's Investor Education Foundation is meant to help people regain financial footing.  The Foundation's recent 'Financial Capability Survey' highlighted the financial mistakes that many... Read More

401k Annuities Rollovers Part of Obama's Recommendations

In the Chicago Sun-TImes, David Roeder describes why there is "Little payoff seeking the next Google."  He summarizes some of the latest financial news and goings-on.  Financial guys on TV always seem to be looking for the next company that will start from nothing and skyrocket to success, like Google or Apple.  But looking into the past 10 or so years, the companies with the highest expected growth potential actually had the worst annualized returns.  It seems that the lowest expectations... Read More

Fixed Annuities Booming Thanks to Your Bailout

In "AIG Learns It's All in the Name" from, we learn that taxpayers' bailout dollars have helped AIG bounce back faster than many expected.  American International Group is one of the few insurance companies that has successfully come back from the financial mess it was in through creative branding.  It's subsidiary was previously named AIG Annuity Insurance Co. but was switched this year to Western National Life Insurance Co.  That distancing from the tarnished brand... Read More

Fixed Annuities Help Investors Get Back to Basics

In "Back to Basics: Safe, boring, vanilla. This is the new world of wealth management," Charles Passy of the Wall Street Journal describes a popular trend of going back to simpler and safer investments.  Wealth managers have always looked for the radical money-making idea.  They are now using old-fashioned techniques in more of a money-saving strategy, techniques which could be considered radical in their own way.  Some wealth managers have been suggesting that their clients put money into... Read More

New Variable Annuity to Consider

As reported in Banking Business Review, "MetLife Launches (a) Lower-cost Variable Annuity."  The product is called Simple Solutions and is geared towards retirees and those soon-to-be that are 60-80 years old.  Simple Solutions was introduced to meet two retirement concerns: "retirement income and safety considerations."  MetLife meets these with a guaranteed lifetime income feature allowing up to a 6% (of the initial investment) withdrawal that will not lower no matter what happens in the... Read More

Variable Annuities Looking Good

Although consumers have been wary of many variable annuities lately, Sun Life Financial Inc. has made changes that have increased their sales.  This information comes from "Sun Life Beams About Variable Annuities but Barriers Remain" by Matt Ackermann of American Banker.  Valuable leadership changes within Sun Life led to the company "aggressively top-grading its wholesalers over the past five months to boost distribution".  Sun Life, a company usually ranking 17th or 18th in its industry,... Read More

Could Annuities be Involved in Obama’s Plan?

Due to the recent financial crises affecting America, President Obama's White House has proposed changes affecting all of the U.S. banking and market operations.  Maura Lockwood, of Cabot Headline News, writes this in "U.S. Administration Proposes Historic Financial Overhaul."  The goal appears to be lessening the large rises and steep falls of the markets which thus far has been unattainable in U.S. financial history.  The White House believes that stronger federal rules are... Read More - Prefooter


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