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American Equity is 2nd in Fixed Equity Indexed Annuities

American Equity Investment Life Holding Co. CEO Wendy Waugaman was interviewed in the Des Moines Register article “W.D.M. firm’s CEO talks of annuities, economic growth.”  American Equity has the second highest sales of fixed equity indexed annuities, just above Aviva USA and behind Allianz Life.  …

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Immediate Annuity Rates, Guarantees, GAO Bringing Investors In

Insurance companies and financial advisors are pleased that the Government Accountability Office is recommending immediate annuities to middle income families, but they don’t think that a huge sales boom is going to happen overnight.  According to Darla Mercado’s Investment News article, “Financial advisers, insurers hail …

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Real World Scenarios: Annuity for a 90-year-old

Our series of real world scenarios continues. A bank executive talked my 90-year-old mother-in-law into purchasing an annuity to increase her yield from a CD. Is this a mistake (considering her advanced age), or was it a good move to avoid probate in the case …

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