Annuity Rates Increase 6%

During the first quarter of this year annuity rates increased by 6%, according to the Annuity News Journal.  Henry Steelman's article, "Annuity Rates Jump 6% in 1st Quarter," says that this significant increase is just another reason that investors should look into annuities.  It is a great time right now to look into investing in annuities for those purchasing retirement plans and those looking for a way to finance their retirement.  Since annuity rates are high right now, it is a great... Read More

Equity Linked CDs, Fixed Annuities, or CDs

In the Expert Click article "Fixed Annuities vs. CDs: Is One Better Than the Other?," financial planner Greg Womack weighs the pros and cons of the different investments.  Whether fixed annuities or bank certificates of deposit (CDs) are best depends on each individual situation.  Investors can also look into equity linked CDs, which have some characteristics similar to both annuities and CDs.  CDs and fixed annuities are both safe investments, however unlike the FDIC insurance banks provide... Read More

Variable & Fixed Annuities on the Rise

July was a tough month for sales of variable and fixed annuities in banks, but August saw an increase in sales for both products through the bank channel.  According to Bank Investment Consultant's "Variable Annuities Mount a Comeback in Banks," Howard J. Stock states that variable annuities actually saw the largest increase.  Sales increased 14% in August to $1.3 billion, which is even 27% higher than they were in January of this year.  The total sales for variable and fixed annuities in... Read More

Compare Annuities & Equity Linked CDs

Whether a deferred fixed annuity or a CD is better for your savings plan depends on a number of individual factors.  You can compare annuities and bank CDs regarding the safety of your principal, the length of term you are looking for, your distribution options, and tax benefits.  Both products are lower-risk than many other options, yet differ from one another significantly.  Your financial priorities and goals will help determine if a deferred fixed annuity or CD is best for... Read More

Fixed Annuity Collaboration

BBVA Compass is collaborating with Western National Life Insurance Company on a new fixed annuity product, according to Insurance News Net's "BBVA Compass Announces Strategic Alliance with Western National to Launch Branded Annuity."  The BBVA Compass Asset Annuity has a flexible-premium and is tax deferred.  It is only offered through BBVA Compass Insurance Agency, Inc., but is guaranteed by Western National, a leader in the fixed annuities market.  This marks the first time that BBVA... Read More

Top Selling Variable Annuities

The list of the top variable annuities sold in bank channels this year was just compiled.  The Bank Investment Consultant article "The Most Wanted List (of Variable Annuities," by Kerry Pechter, talks about the most popular variable annuities of the year thus far.  It's well known among financial consultants and advisors that variable annuities do not sell themselves; the benefits need to be sold to investors.  The benefits of protection from a down market and potential for upside market... Read More

Variable Annuity Sales Help Prudential

Prudential Financial Inc. and Jackson National Life Insurance Company have seen a large increase in their variable annuity sales through banks.  Prudential has seen the majority of their overall growth come from new channels of distribution, rather than their past sales channels.  Their second quarter variable annuity sales were $5.31 billion, which was an increase from $3.37 billion in the first quarter of this year.  While they saw a decline in their fixed annuity sales and after-tax... Read More

Equity Linked CDs are Safe

Equity linked CDs can be a safer and lower-cost alternative to equity-indexed annuities for some investors.  In the recent PR Web press release "Equity-Linked Certificates of Deposit: The Safer Low-Cost EIA Alternative," Jeffrey Voudrie's article from Guarding Your Wealth is summarized.  Equity linked CDs have the benefits of FDIC insurance protecting your principal along with the ability to participate in market index upswings.  While an equity indexed annuity is advertised to seniors and... Read More

Fixed Annuity Sales Increase

According to Insurance News Net, "Fixed Annuities Make a Slow Recovery."  Overall annuity sales stayed flat from March to April after a steady increase at the start of 2010.  The total variable and fixed annuity sales from banks in April was $3.3 billion.  Although that number was 26% lower than the $4.4 billion sold in April of 2009, the total annuity sales have increased significantly from their low point in January of 2010.Fixed annuity sales increased 9% to $2 billion, almost... Read More

Death Benefit Annuity: Do You Have Unclaimed Money?

The National Association of Unclaimed Property estimates that there is $33 billion of money out there unclaimed, according to World Buzz Now's Kevin Ruelan.  His article "Unclaimed Money From The Government: Do You Think Your Missing Money?," explains that the average person owed unclaimed funds has at least $280 waiting for them.  This money comes from a variety of different places.  Sometimes it's from accounts you've forgotten about, other times you may not have even known about the money... Read More - Prefooter

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