It’s Been A Strong Year for Indexed Annuities

Third quarter indexed annuity sales results have just been released by Wink, Inc.  In a press release for Insurance News Net, the said that "YTD Indexed Annuity Sales (were) Greater Than Any Year But 2013."  Wink's Sales & Market Report represents the sales figures from 47 indexed annuity carriers, or 99.8% of the market.  Indexed annuity sales were $11.4 billion, a 14.28% increase from the third quarter of last year.  This year's third quarter sales were down 8.58% from the second... Read More

Allianz Life Remains Top Seller of Indexed Annuities

Earlier this month I blogged about the incredible fixed annuity sales results in the second quarter.  Those sales were driven by the popularity of fixed indexed annuity products.  In Insurance News Net's article "Indexed Annuity Sales Dominate with Record-Setting Quarter," they focus strictly on what happened with indexed annuities in the second quarter based on Wink, Inc.'s indexed sales results.  Wink's Sales & Market Report collected information from 45 indexed annuity carriers, which... Read More

4 of the Top 5 Fixed Annuity Sellers are Indexed

Last year was the first time ever that all types of fixed annuities had year-over-year annuity sales increases.  Records were shattered all around, which was surprising to some as interest rates remained low.  In the article "Fixed Annuities Continue Strong Sales Pace in 2013, Best Year Since 2009," Beacon Research's Lisa Plotnick summarized the research firm's Fixed Annuity Premium Study.  Income and indexed annuities blew old sales records out of the water with their sales results in... Read More

3rd Quarter Indexed Annuity Sales Increase 15% from Last Year

NAFA's Annuity Outlook Magazine recently published the article "Indexed Annuity Sales Break Second Consecutive Sales Record" detailing this year's third quarter sales results.  Information was collected by Wink, Inc. and put forth in Wink's Sales & Market Report.  Indexed annuities have continued monumental growth, while other products have suffered.  The information was collected from 42 companies selling indexed annuities, who account for more than 98% of overall indexed annuity... Read More

Indexed Annuities Are King In Des Moines

Do you have any idea where the indexed annuity capital of the world is?  Believe it or not, Des Moines, Iowa, is the modern day indexed annuity capital.  There are many reasons that you can find a large chunk of the insurance industry in Des Moines, and the indexed annuity market is following it's insurance counterparts.  Insurance News Net's Cyril Tuohy discusses why "Des Moines (is) Becoming (the) Indexed Annuities Hub."  While Hartford and London are known for being their own kinds of... Read More

Who Is Selling the Most Indexed Annuities?

The second quarter numbers are in and Sheryl J. Moore has compiled a list of the best in the indexed industry.  According to Insurance Networking News' Carrie Burns, the "Top 10 Q2 Indexed Annuity and Life Insurance Carriers" have been released in a new report.  Annuity Specs' 60th "Indexed Sales & Market Report" accounts for the production of 99% of all of these indexed products.  Moore, the author of the report, is the CEO and President of Moore Market Intelligence.  Indexed annuity... Read More

American Equity Lowers Annuity Rates

American Equity Investment Life Holding Co. had to lower their interest rates recently for the first time since 2007.  Low interest rates in this volatile financial market have been really hurting the company's spread, so they lowered new annuity rates by .4 to .5% in October.  The difference between the interest they were paying out and that which they were receiving was too high not to make a change.  Annuities renewing after November 14 will also get interest rate reductions, according to... Read More

American Equity is 2nd in Fixed Equity Indexed Annuities

American Equity Investment Life Holding Co. CEO Wendy Waugaman was interviewed in the Des Moines Register article "W.D.M. firm's CEO talks of annuities, economic growth."  American Equity has the second highest sales of fixed equity indexed annuities, just above Aviva USA and behind Allianz Life.  The company was started in 1995 and went from selling $150 million of annuities in 1997 to $2 billion in 2001.  Their revenue is now up to $28 billion, largely based on sales of fixed equity... Read More

Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity Sellers in Preferred Group

Allianz Life Insurance Co. of North America introduced a new preferred distribution program last week that those left out of the program are unhappy with.  According to Darla Mercado of Investment News in the article "Allianz Preferred perks strike nerve with agents," agents and marketing groups who are not included in Allianz Preferred are worried that they will lose clients or agents within their groups.  The program gives extra support to top sellers of Allianz's fixed equity indexed... Read More

Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity Helps You Retire

The CEO & President of American Equity Investment Life Holding Company says that fixed equity indexed annuity products are an excellent retirement savings tool both used alone and in combination with other products.  In her CNBC guest article "CEO Blog: It's TIme to Stop One-Sided Retirement Planning," Wendy Waugaman says that it's unfortunate many retirement planners only recommend stock market and investment products to their clients.  With $2 trillion lost in retirement savings in less... Read More - Prefooter


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