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New Fixed Index Annuity from Eagle Life


Eagle Life Insurance Company, a leader in the annuity industry, recently announced the addition of a five-year fixed index annuity product to its line-up. The company specializes in safe, innovative retirement options. According to a press release, the all-new Eagle Select® Focus 5 is a safe-money alternative that was designed for clients who want both safety of principal and growth potential. The new product joins a strong Eagle Select series of fixed index annuities.

“People have unique and individual goals with their retirement plans, and we strive for excellence in helping them achieve them,” stated Kirby Wood, Chief Distribution Officer of Eagle Life. “The products we provide reflect our superior customer service, conservative investment approach and principal protection of hard-earned dollars.”

Eagle Select Focus 5, which is available immediately, offers clients a 5 or 10% liquidity option, as well as flexible premiums that don’t extend the surrender period. A five year surrender charge schedule, terminal illness and nursing care riders are also available. Additionally, Eagle Select Focus 5 is the only annuity offering the brand-new allocation option: The S&P 500® Dividend Aristocrats® Daily Risk Control 5% Excess Return with Participation Rate.

“With Focus 5, we’re excited to offer a fixed index annuity that is simple, easy to understand and utilizes proven crediting methods,” added Ron Grensteiner, President of Eagle Life. “As more and more people approach retirement age, we look forward to helping them with their financial security concerns.”

Eagle Life Insurance Company provides fixed and fixed index annuities marketed through broker-dealers and banks. The West Des Moines, Iowa based company  is a wholly-owned subsidiary of American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company. Eagle Life claims to be committed to providing products with integrity as well as superior service to the representatives it partners with and their clients. For more information, visit www.eagle-lifeco.com.

Written by Rachel Summit

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