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Legacy Announces New Deferred Indexed Annuity Line


In an effort to offer consumers more choice, control and flexibility, Legacy Marketing Group has just announced the launch of FlexMark Select (SM) Series single premium deferred indexed annuities. According to a recent article from Annuity Outlook Magazine, the products were developed with “A” rated Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., and offer opportunities for earnings potential, upgraded income riders and up to 20% liquidity potential.

“This product series is designed to give Producers the ability to work together with their clients to customize their FIA to meet their needs,” said Legacy President Preston Pitts. “With FlexMark Select, consumers have the power to experience retirement their way.”

The FlexMark Select (SM) Series offers consumers looking for greater earning potential:

  • Higher caps and participation rates for a fee
  • An “upgraded” rate band once accumulation value reaches $200,000 or more
  • A selection of interest crediting strategies that include two no-cap participation rate strategies based on a multi-asset proprietary index.

“With this structure, consumers have the flexibility to get more for their money,” said Mr. Pitts.

Additionally, with an upgraded rider, consumers will have their choice of payout options, which include a lifestyle payout that provides higher initial income, and an optional income doubler for qualifying health conditions. And for those concerned about emergencies requiring liquidity, there are multiple ways to access their money without penalty, including a one-time extra emergency access beginning the second year.

FlexMark Select is available exclusively through agents contracted with Legacy in 28 states and the District of Columbia, with more state approvals expected. Products are available with or without a premium bonus.

Written by Rachel Summit

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