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New Variable Annuities from Principal


In an effort to give clients more flexibility and choices in retirement planning, Principal Financial Group has extended its variable annuity portfolio. According to a recent Business Wire press release, Principal Lifetime Income Solutions II Variable AnnuitySM and Principal Pivot Series Variable AnnuitySM were designed with the changing needs of today’s savers in mind.

“We know each saver has unique needs when it comes to making sure their money helps them live their best lives — that includes flexibility when needs change,” said assistant vice president of annuities at Principal®, Sara Wiener. “Whether they’re looking to grow their nest egg, create a legacy for loved ones or just have peace of mind that they won’t outlive their savings, we have options that can be tailored to fit most needs.”

Principal Lifetime Income Solutions II is an income-focused variable annuity that allows individuals to choose the level of benefits and investment options based on their unique situations. For those who are concerned about market volatility and how it can impact their retirement savings, it was created to guarantee income that will last a lifetime.

For those approaching retirement who are interested in diversifying their assets, having some liquidity and the ability to make changes when life situations arise, consider the Principal Pivot Series. Accumulation, growth potential and protection from downside market risk are central themes with this product. The Principal Pivot Series offers growth potential with tax deferral, flexibility and 85 investment options.

“Research shows that people with annuities are less likely to outlive their money after retirement,” added Wiener. “That is powerful peace of mind, and why we’re committed to the continuous improvement of our annuity products. We want individuals to be confident of a secure retirement.”

For more information about these variable annuities and other offerings, visit Principal’s website at principal.com.

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