And the Award for Annuity Innovator of the Year goes to…

On March 17, EQDerivatives will honor this year’s Annuity Innovator of the Year at an award ceremony in New York City.  According to a recent Yahoo!Finance article, this year’s recipient is Annexus, a leading designer of indexed universal life insurance and indexed annuities.

“After the market crash in 2008, Variable Annuities took a huge hit, and it became very difficult for insurance carriers to effectively hedge their guarantees,” said Annexus Co-founder and Lead Product Designer Don Dady. “Companies started pulling out of the Variable Annuity business, while others raised fees, scaled back benefits and reduced the investment flexibility. We’ve since seen a fundamental shift to the Fixed Indexed Annuity (FIA) as insurance carriers recognized it as a better chassis to fulfill guarantees,” he added.

This realization is what led Annexus to partner with some of the most innovative minds in the finance and investment communities, to create new, more evolved products.

“Our FIAs have essentially evolved into structured products leveraging ‘smart beta’ indices developed by some of the largest investment banks and leading academics in finance,” Dady continued. “This innovation has helped further improve the risk adjusted returns of a client portfolio, while meeting an even broader range of client needs over the traditional FIA. We are excited to be at the forefront of this fundamental shift in the industry, and we are honored to be recognized as Annuity Innovator of the Year.”

“We see Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and Financial Advisors playing an even more important role in helping clients navigate markets and meet their financial goals,” stated Annexus co-founder, Ron Shurts. “Advisors will need to evolve their practice from traditional Asset Managers into Risk Managers, and we believe Annexus designed solutions will play a huge role in helping reduce risk and increase returns in clients’ portfolios.”

While working closely with design partner Genesis Financial, Annexus has partnered with industry heavyweights like Nationwide, Athene, Securian, J.P. Morgan, UBS, Zebra Capital Management, Barclays and Merrill Lynch. Together, they have developed market-leading indexed universal life insurance and fixed indexed annuity products to help Americans save for retirement.

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