Fixed Indexed Annuities Offer Balance, Safety, and Growth Potential

The Indexed Annuity Leadership Council recently issued a press release about the benefits of fixed indexed annuities, so I thought it might be a good time for a refresher on these annuity products.  Fixed indexed annuities have increased in popularity recently, partly because they offer some benefits of both fixed and variable annuities.  One reason for the increasing interest in indexed annuities is the changing landscape of retirement and retirement financing.  The traditional retirement age of 65 is no longer feasible for many Americans.  They also don’t have the retirement pensions that their parents or grandparents might have had to offer them a guaranteed income stream.  Fixed indexed annuities offer retirement savers balance, growth potential, and reward.  As with other annuities, indexed annuities are used to supplement the other income you will have coming in from social security, pensions, an IRA, or a 401k annuity.

LIMRA researchers found that 83% of people who have bought a fixed indexed annuity are happy with their purchase.  Five out of six people have or would recommend a fixed indexed annuity to their friends and family.  It has been harder to save for retirement for a few reasons, according to the IALC.  Volatile markets affect 401k plans negatively and many people are losing their workplace retirement benefits altogether.  Fixed indexed annuities protect your principal from fluctuations in the stock markets.  They also provide guaranteed lifetime income, something that many Americans are searching for right now.  In addition to that, indexed annuities offer the potential for growth, because they are tied to a market index.  These annuities are safe and dependable and are designed to offer growth potential even in uncertain markets.  The Indexed Annuity Leadership Council works to educate and inform the public about indexed annuities.  If you have further questions, an Annuity FYI expert would be happy to help you find a fixed indexed annuity for your financial plan.

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