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New Society for Annuity Facts & Education


We always like to see people dedicated to annuity products and the spread of correct information about annuities.  A new non-profit association called SAFE, The Society for Annuity Facts & Education, issued a press release to introduce their mission.  SAFE is working to increase awareness about annuities and offer educational tools to keep pre-retirees and retirees well informed.  Their mission is similar to that of Annuity FYI and we welcome people in the industry that want to spread the word about such an important source of guaranteed retirement income.

A Board of Directors representing many different facets of the annuity industry will guide SAFE through its decisions.  There are currently nine members, but they are looking for more, especially those dealing specifically with variable annuities and consumer advocacy.  They have been closely affiliated with NAFA through their initial stages and will remain so in the future, although they operate independently.  SAFE’s current officers are Mark T. Stone, President; Gregory L. Mitchell, Treasurer; and Pam Heinrich, Secretary.

Now is a crucial time for consumers to know the importance of using annuity products in their retirement planning because retirement savings is at a low.  SAFE’s focus is to get the right information about annuities to the public, including their benefits, uses, and different types of features.  They hope to help eliminate false information regarding annuities in the media and the public perception.  There is a forum for information sharing and areas for education in many different media sources.  It’s wonderful to see another place for consumers to learn about the great benefits of annuities.

Written by Rachel Summit

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