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More Can Sell Pacific Life’s Fixed Annuities


Pacific Life Insurance Company will now have even more distributors for their fixed annuity products.  Their new Pacific Life Producer Alliance was just introduced by their Retirement Solutions Division.  It will allow many more distributors to sell Pacific Life’s fixed annuities and gain access to their top notch and innovative sales support system.  Pacific Life is spreading the word to let financial professionals who have not had access to sell their fixed annuities know about the Pacific Life Producer Alliance.  Not only will advisors and life insurance producers be able to sell fixed annuity products, they will be able to benefit from the sales support of the Pacific Life Experience.  The business support, information and training received through the Experience keeps financial professionals with Pacific Life for a long time.

There are currently five different fixed annuities available to financial representatives through the Pacific Life Producer Alliance.  The lone deferred fixed indexed annuity product is called the Pacific Index Choicea and helps clients protect principal while offering the potential to earn higher interest in the future.  The Pacific Income Provider(R) is the only immediate fixed annuity and is meant for clients looking for immediate guaranteed income to last their lifetime or a specific period of time.  The last three products are deferred fixed annuities called the Pacific Expeditiona, the Pacific Explorer(R), and the Pacific Frontiers(r) II.  Principal protection and the chance to take advantage of rising interest rates come with the first, safety from a volatile market and a guaranteed minimum interest rate come with the second, and the third is a single-premium annuity which guarantees interest rates for a specific time frame.  Advisors and insurers looking for information on the Pacific Life Producer Alliance can find out more here.

Written by Rachel Summit

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