Prudential Annuities Offers Some New Choices

Prudential Financial’s annuity business, Prudential Annuities, has added to their multitude of choices for their investments.  MarketWatch press release, “Prudential Annuities Adds New Funds to Leading Investment Lineup,” introduces the new options for Prudential’s clients.  Their two new asset portfolios are the AST New Discovery Asset Allocation Portfolio and the AST Schroders Global Tactical Portfolio.  Prudential now offers 19 portfolio choices, which cover four different strategies.  Annuity investors can choose one of these strategies or distribute their money through multiple strategies.

They are committed to growing their business and innovating for their customers, so in addition to the new asset portfolios, Prudential has also added some sub-advisors.  The AST Small Cap Growth Portfolio now has Emerald Advisers Inc. to co-manage with Eagle Asset Management.  Jennison Associates will now co-manage the AST International Growth Portfolio with William Blair and Marsico Capital Management.  Prudential Annuities’ VP of Investment Management says that these changes prove the company’s commitment to top choices, flexibility, and strong management.

These new variable annuity choices have different strategies, but both extend Prudential’s reach across the globe.  The AST New Discovery Asset Allocation Portfolio is a traditional product that gets returns from capital appreciation along with income.  The second new product, the AST Schroders Global Tactical Portfolio, is one of Prudential’s tactical products.  This uses a simple balanced fund along with a tactical asset allocation strategy.  Variable annuities can be complicated if you aren’t familiar with their lingo, so make sure to get help from an expert and see if one of these new strategies will work in your annuity portfolio.

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