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Total Value Annuity is Newest Fixed Index Annuity


According to a press release, Security Benefit Corporation has just released a new annuity exclusively through four independent marketing organizations.  The Total Value Annuity will be sold through Advisors Excel, Creative Marketing, Impact Partnership, and Gradient Financial.  This is the time for a fixed indexed annuity product like the Total Value Annuity and Security Benefit is excited to release this “unique and competitive” annuity.  Security Benefit provides retirement and income savings products throughout the United States and announced this annuity release through MarketWatch’s “Security Benefit Launches Innovative Total Value Annuity.”

Last year, they introduced the Security Income Annuity and it has become one of the top four products in its industry.  By extending on that success, the Total Value Annuity is aimed at people who are savers, but also are looking for asset accumulation.  It offers accumulation without much risk, guaranteed lifetime income, and the option to add death benefits for your heirs.  Security Benefit finds these to be the three biggest concerns for advisors and clients.

You have three interest crediting choices with the Total Value Annuity.  The first option is choosing a fixed annuity rate instead of one that will fluctuate.  Or you can link your indexed annuity to the S&P 500 or the 5 year fixed annuity through the Annuity Linked TVI Index.  If you purchase the Total Value Annuity, you can choose to allocate your money throughout all three of these choices or just one or two.  There are also riders to guarantee your income lasts throughout your lifetime and to pass on death benefits, if either of those is something you would like to add to your fixed indexed annuity product.  Security Benefit believes this product addresses many of the concerns retirees have.

Written by Rachel Summit

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