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Talk to Annuity Expert for Best Advice, Even in 80’s

I’m really disappointed in something I recently read in the Daily Local News out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  In a question and answer column with columnist Bruce Williams, someone wrote in asking whether annuities would be a good idea to help them finance their remaining retirement.  …

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No More Annuities from The Hartford

Big news came from The Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. yesterday.  While it had previously been announced that they were looking to sell their annuities and life insurance businesses, a deal has been made to sell The Hartford’s annuity business.  Forethought Financial Group Inc. is …

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Use Variable Annuities as One Part of Retirement Plan

I just read an interesting Insurance News Net article by Tom Henske comparing your financial retirement plan to playing golf.  I like the idea, because I think many retirees can more easily relate to something like golfing a hole-in-one than they can to something like …

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