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Consider Annuities, Even as Markets Increase


According to Annuity News Journal’s Henry Steelman, 2012 looks to be another popular year for annuities.  In the article, “Annuities for 2012 could see even more interest,” it says that an increased interest in annuities began around five years ago.  That was the time that the financial markets took a deep downturn and worries over stock market investments increased.  Because of the lifetime guarantees offered by annuities, they are popular in retirement plans and with investors looking for a safety net for their money.  During the same time frame that annuities have increased in popularity, fixed equity indexed annuities have also been climbing in numbers because of their security and growth potential.

Now that it seems like the economy and financial markets are getting stronger, there is still a strong interest in annuities.  Investors have realized that putting some of their money into annuities gives them financial stability into the future.  They are a good part of the plan to a secure financial retirement, especially along with other investments regardless of the state of the economy.  There are many organizations and insurance companies promoting annuities, so consumer knowledge has increased tremendously.  That education, coupled with a need to secure their financial future will likely draw more investors to annuities in 2012 and continue their popularity.

Written by Rachel Summit

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