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Free Investor’s Guide to Lifetime Income Benefits


Everyone likes to get something for free right?  How about invaluable information that will help you retire without the worry of outliving your savings?  Annuity FYI has just published a new Investor’s Guide to Lifetime Income Benefits in addition to their guides for secondary market annuities and fixed indexed annuities.  Best of all, this Investor’s Guide is completely free.  Email Annuity FYI and you will receive your free guide to help you navigate through lifetime income benefits and find the one that is best for your individual situation.  The guide will also help you determine the cost to add one of these benefits to your annuity and ensure that you understand just how these benefits work.

We all know that life expectancies are going up while savings are going down in many cases.  Eighty percent of Americans will have to delay retirement or live on less than they had planned because they haven’t saved enough.  Purchasing annuities with lifetime income benefits can help many Americans ensure that they don’t run out of money in retirement.  By using a portion of your retirement savings towards a 401k annuity or an immediate annuity with lifetime income benefits, you safeguard your future with lifetime monthly income payments.

Annuity FYI’s Director of Marketing says that the company focuses on keeping up with their customers’ demands as those demands change.  Security in retirement is of high importance right now and this free Investor’s Guide to Lifetime Income Benefits not only gives an overview of the annuity benefits, but also gives real world scenarios showing how you can apply them in your life.  The Investor’s Guide uses reputable sources like The Center for Retirement Research at Boston College, AARP and the Employee Benefit Research Institute.  Email or call Annuity FYI to get your free Investor’s Guide to Lifetime Income Benefits today.

Written by Rachel Summit

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