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Despite Challenges, Annuity Outlook for 2012 Good

In “Outlook 2012: Annuities-Industry at Crossroads, With Weatherford, Greenwald, Cortazzo,” John Sullivan of AdvisorOne says that annuities should do well next year despite some potential hurdles.  With two major annuity carriers departing the market recently, you would think that would forecast a big problem for …

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Market Sparks New Interest in Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity

More and more insurance companies are offering indexed annuities now, especially those who were traditionally only big sellers of variable annuities.  Sheryl Moore’s Insurance News Net article, “Interest in Indexed Annuities on the Rise,” says that you have to look at the market to understand …

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Record Annuity Sales in 2011 Make Top 10 List

In the Reuter’s article, “Stern Advice: The top 10 money stories of 2011,” Linda Stern reminds us what happened in 2011 that will really impact our personal finances.  There were record sales of annuities, including record high variable annuity sales and near record fixed annuity …

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