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Three New Variable Annuities From Hartford Financial

In order to keep up with customer demand, Hartford Financial Services has three new variable annuities to offer investors.  The Stocks and Shares article “Hartford Financial Services In Variable Annuities Launch,” discusses Hartford’s current situation.  The Personal Retirement Manager group of variable annuities is popular with many pre and post retirees.  They have added three new personal protection riders for investors to choose from when selecting their variable annuity products.

The president of Hartford’s Wealth Management division says that the company is working hard to give their customers retirement security.  With competitive prices as well as benefits in their annuity products, the new variable annuity options are attractive to many investors.  Hartford is looking to grow their annuity business as they work to improve their customers’ retirement security.  Although their stock price is down 2.3% over the past three months, the addition of these new variable annuities might help bring that price higher than 25.01 a share.

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