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Prudential is Annuity Leader in Japan

Analysts from Citigroup changed their tune about Prudential’s outlook going into the future, according to Annuity News Journal’s Steve Thompson.  In the article “Prudential Outlook Brighter According to Citigroup,” we learn that the acquisition of two of AIG’s Japanese units is likely to be beneficial for Prudential.  Japanese investors who were worried about the value of their annuity products and life insurance with AIG are confident in the security that Prudential now brings to them.  Prudential is the number one foreign life insurance company in Japan, which should only be strengthened after their acquisition of AIG’s Star Life Insurance and Edison Life Insurance.

Prior to the changes made by Citigroup’s analysts in late February, they had projected lower earnings per share and stock value for Prudential.  They had put a Hold on Prudential’s ratings as well.  Prudential looks to expand their sales of the best annuities and life insurance for their Japanese customers after the acquisition of AIG’s units.  Both Star and Edison Life Insurance companies will be run by Prudential’s entity Gibraltar Life Insurance Company.  Citigroup’s projected earnings per share for Prudential in 2011 are $6.60 and in 2012 they are $7.60.  They expect long term investors to be pleased with the performance of their investments with Prudential.  While the first two months of 2011 showed economic improvements, the analysts’ caution that the overall economy in both the United States and Japan will continue to effect financial institutions.  It remains to be seen what the devastating earthquakes and tsunami in Japan will do to the financial markets.

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