Annuity Information on iPad

While they aren’t the first company to outfit their employees with a high-tech innovation, John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. has just issued iPads to its wholesalers.  This information comes from “Hancock Follows Dreyfus Into the Apple Store” by Hung Tran of The Mutual Fund Wire.  John Hancock’s U.S. wealth management division has given the iPad to more than 200 wholesalers because of the product’s versatility.  They plan to use the iPad for annuity products, mutual funds, retirement plans and all other branches of their wealth management division.

A few months ago the Dreyfus Corp. gave all members of their sales staff that face clients iPad’s as well.  Most likely many other companies will follow in the footsteps of these innovators whether selling equity linked CDs or other financial products.  The iPad can eliminate mounds of paperwork by holding all of the information within.  In the case of John Hancock, their mutual fund wholesalers used something called the “Playbook,” which was a three-ring binder filled with hundreds of pages of information.  This included facts about products, fund information and presentations.  Not only will using the iPad streamline client information, it will make it much easier for companies to update and make changes.

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