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Fixed Annuities Get Double Promotion


Two organizations are working together to increase the knowledge out there regarding fixed annuitiesInsurance News Net’s article “NAFA and Insurance Insight Group Announce Collaboration to Further Annuity Education” discusses the partnership.  The National Association for Fixed Annuities will be working with the Insurance Insight Group on this endeavor to educate people within the annuity and financial industry, legislators, regulators, consumers, and the media.  NAFA is the only organization that specifically works to promote fixed annuities.  They include fixed indexed annuities, income, market value adjusted, and declared rate annuities.

The collaboration with IIG will allow NAFA to reach a broader group of people in their goals of expanding their educational focus and compliance programs.  Since fixed annuities are such an important tool in retirement, these organizations want consumers in employer-sponsored retirement plans to know about 401k annuities, as well as all those who don’t have access to one to know about the product.  This is the only product that guarantees lifetime income, allows you to grow your savings, and protects that savings from losses in the stock market.  NAFA has been working since 1998 on their mission with fixed annuities.  This partnership with IIG can only grow their success and help more consumers gain insight into this important retirement tool.

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