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Death Benefit Annuity: Do You Have Unclaimed Money?


The National Association of Unclaimed Property estimates that there is $33 billion of money out there unclaimed, according to World Buzz Now’s Kevin Ruelan.  His article “Unclaimed Money From The Government: Do You Think Your Missing Money?,” explains that the average person owed unclaimed funds has at least $280 waiting for them.  This money comes from a variety of different places.  Sometimes it’s from accounts you’ve forgotten about, other times you may not have even known about the money because of an inheritance or tax refund.  There is a lot of money in the U.S. Treasury just waiting to be claimed and growing at a staggering rate.

Many people out there receive a death benefit annuity when the person who owns the investment dies.  It’s possible that you would not even be aware of this annuity, so the money is sitting out there owed to you.  People that don’t keep good track of their accounts with financial institutions or companies that have lost contact with you or become inactive may have money out there.  A lot of times people forget to change their addresses with everyone when they move or forget to cash a check.  Checks get lost in the mail as well.  Money could be from checking or savings accounts that haven’t been closed, stocks, annuities, dividends, uncashed paychecks, refunds, payments from insurance companies or over payments.  It won’t hurt to research whether or not you have unclaimed funds out there.

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