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Rescue Your Retirement with Immediate Annuities


In the Wall Street Journal, Brett Arends explains “How to Salvage Your Retirement.”  While there are people that have little to nothing saved and won’t be able to retire when they’d like, many people have employer sponsored pensions or home equity that will help them in retirement.  It’s not always enough though and a lot of Americans don’t have either of those options available.  According to a recent study, forty percent of workers are not saving for retirement.  Arends’ top tips follow.

  • Work as long as you possibly can.  This gives you more time to save, allows the savings you already have or are now saving to grow, and lowers the number of years that you will need to use those savings to live.  Delaying Social Security payments is also wise because you will receive more each year.
  • Lower your costs of living in retirement.  One of the best ways to do this is to live where the cost of living is low in the United States.  Moving somewhere in the central U.S. tends to have the lowest housing and living expenses.  Even moving a little farther outside of a big city makes a difference.
  • Make a plan for yourself that isn’t concerned with leaving money to your heirs.  Immediate annuities and reverse mortgages help you to get more out of the same retirement money.  There are sacrifices to be made for both, so make sure the options are right for you.
  • It can’t be said enough: spend less and save more.  While it seems like a simple idea, many people just are not following the concept.  Starting now, wherever you are in the retirement spectrum, will always make a difference and help your future money grow.

Use tax breaks for people over fifty to your benefit and save for 401k annuities and IRAs.  You are able to put more money into these accounts than those younger than fifty.  Take advantage of what the government has to offer.  Work longer, lower living costs, think about your own future, and save.

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