Is Any Annuity Inflation-Proof?

Many investors worry about inflation when they purchase an annuity.  In exchange for a lump sum payment, annuities offer you a lifetime of guaranteed income with a fixed monthly payment.  In the article “Should I choose an Inflation-Proof Annuity?”, the topic of purchasing an annuity that adjusts with inflation is discussed.  Buying an inflation-proof annuity links your annuity to the RPI (retail price index) so that annual rises in inflation will be matched by annual rises in your annuity payments.  An inflation-proof annuity is not the only way to protect yourself from inflation with annuity products.  You can have built-in increases with standard annuities, they just don’t have the guarantee to match the inflation percentage.

Some of the main advantages and disadvantages to inflation-proof annuities follow.  You will receive guaranteed income over your lifetime and your purchasing power will be protected against the rising prices of inflation.  You will be protected in the case of a drastic increase in inflation and the cost of basic goods and services.  On the downside, your initial income would be lower than that of a traditional variable or fixed annuity.  Your rates will also be based on a forecast of what the future inflation will be since no one knows for sure.  If the inflation rate actually went down to 0%, your income would unfortunately decrease.  There are riders to protect against deflation or no inflation, but those would also decrease your starting income.  Take these variables and use them to determine the best annuity for you and your family to be protected in the future.

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