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FINRA & the United Way: Annuity Education and More


FINRA has partnered with the United Way to spread financial education, according to FINRA’s news release “FINRA Investor Education Foundation and United Way Worldwide Announce Nearly $1.5 Million in Grants to Support Grassroots Financial Education Projects.”  Twelve United Way branches and community groups received the grants to help promote the FINRA Foundation and United Way’s new program, Financial Education in Your Community.  FINRA is working hard to help lower-income families become financially stable.  Through these education programs, someone who doesn’t even know what an annuity is may realize that the product is best for protecting their financial future.

Community groups have the ability to reach large numbers of people and relay information that can help them without bias.  During this tough economic time, these grants were given in areas hardest hit financially to help people become stable and look forward to their future.  Free educational programs will help working families and individuals on the road to financial stability.  They may learn about the best annuity rates to protect their retirement or simply how to balance their checkbook.  Community needs are across the financial spectrum.  These twelve grants were given to seven United Way branches located in Texas, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New York.  The community groups receiving the other five grants are in Georgia, Arizona, South Dakota, and Tennessee.  FINRA believes that their help in financially educating the communities will make Americans self-sufficient and in charge of their futures.

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