Featured Press Release Regarding Annuity FYI & Equity Linked CDs

In the PR Web press release “Annuity FYI Endorses FDIC Insured Equity Linked CDs as Preferable to Fixed-Indexed Annuities,” Annuity FYI’s endorsement of equity linked CDs is highlighted.  Equity linked CDs seem to be a better investment for most investors than fixed-indexed annuities.  The investment products are issued by banks and linked to particular stock market indexes.  The FDIC insurance associated with equity linked CDs ensures that your principal is guaranteed.  Even though they are not annuities, Annuity FYI believes that the similar benefits offered by both investment products makes them both an important part of investors’ portfolios.

Wells Fargo’s WISE US Index Equity Linked CD is Annuity FYI’s top pick for investors.  With a 6 year time frame, FDIC insurance, and market upside participation, Wells Fargo’s product is one of the best available.  There are other benefits to this particular product as well, including a high participation rate.  Annuity FYI likes equity linked CDs over fixed-indexed annuities because the latter tend to have high fees that are not in proportion to the benefits investors receive.  Some of the best benefits to equity linked CDs are their low cost, principal protection, and benefiting from market upswings.

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