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8 Changes to Fixed Annuities Over the Next Decade


In the Investment News article “Eight big changes that will reshape the annuity biz,” Darla Mercado summarizes a report from Jack Marrion of Advantage Compendium Ltd.  Fixed annuities will see their largest sales ever in the next ten years because of the 58 million Americans nearing retirement will be more receptive to the product’s value.  The 1st change we’ll see in the next ten years is a drop off in 1035 exchanges as it becomes more difficult to transfer from one annuity to another.  With the likely passage of Rule 151A classifying annuities as securities, marketing organizations (MOs) will phase out of existence.  The 3rd change will be a takeover by securities regulators ensuring suitability of annuity products.  The MOs that remain will have to have securities connections with broker-dealers or RIAs to stay competitive.

The 5th change that Marrion believes will happen when you compare annuities today and in ten years is that they will be seen much more in pensions as the planners get comfortable with the products.  Next, the way that guaranteed benefits are offered now will be overhauled with new options that are better for investors.  The 7th change is that Wall Street could be a large part of the annuity industry by getting involved through the teaming of investment firms and life insurers.  The final change will likely be a skyrocketing of fixed annuities sales in the next ten years.  As the products and their benefits evolve, Marrion believes that future retirees will be very open to fixed annuities.

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