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Immediate Annuities Recommended in 2010


Immediate annuities are a great product for those close to retirement, according to “Investments for 2010 recommended” on TaipeiNews.Net.  With a roller coaster past couple of years in finance, it is difficult for anyone to say what the best investments will be in 2010.  Most people will not know how well their investments performed until well into 2011.  The first steps in financial planning are to set a goal, make a long term plan to meet that goal, and stick with the plan.  Advisers seem to agree that well diversified portfolios are best for nearly all investors.  It is wise to have annuities in those portfolios to protect against longevity risk and help guarantee you have enough money in retirement.

Lifetime income annuities pay out monthly income over your lifetime after an initial lump sum payment.  One of the best products for people that are close to retirement are immediate annuities.  They have no waiting period before the investor begins to receive their monthly payments.  It is always necessary to research the strength of the insurance companies that annuities are purchased from to ensure your income stream is guaranteed for life.  All financial advisers have different ideas and recommendations for their clients.  Set your goals and meet with an expert to determine the best financial course for your retirement happiness.

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