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Variable Annuities Included in New MoneyGuidePro


The financial planning program MoneyGuidePro Version 2.2 was released last week, according to Investment News‘ “MoneyGuidePro Version 2.2 now available” by Davis Janowski.  There are many features new to this updated program that can be used by financial advisers who are creating plans for clients and prospective clients.  The program has an internal Roth IRA conversion feature and a Roth IRA conversion calculator that is separate.  PIE Technologies is the company that offers the program.  Their chief executive said that they thought advisers needed the Roth IRA abilities at both of those levels.  The Roth IRA calculators are even more important now that individuals with higher income will finally be allowed to convert their traditional IRA’s or 401k’s to Roth IRA’s.

Another important feature of the new MoneyGuidePro deals with variable annuities.  Advisers can include variable annuities with guaranteed-minimum-withdrawal-benefits for clients that have purchased these.  They have also been included in the Goal Strategy area so that plans with and without variable annuities can be compared.  PlayZone is perhaps the most popular new feature because it allows both clients and advisers to “play around” with the numbers in their plan and see what the different outcomes could be.  Although MoneyGuidePro costs $1,295 annually, most advisers can receive discounted offers through specific broker-dealers.

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