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Speak with a Registered Agent: 1-866-223-2121

A Nice, New Variable Annuity


According to National Underwriter, the news source for life and health agents, Jackson National Life Insurance Company has a new variable annuity product to offer.  It is called ‘Prospective Rewards’ and offers an automatic bonus.  The percentage of the bonus is based on the amount of your initial investment.  An 8% bonus is available for initial premiums adjusted at $100,000 and above.  For adjusted premiums less than $100,000, investors will earn a bonus of 6%.  Jackson says that both the 6% and 8% premiums could also be available for future premium payments.  In a time where many companies are not offering as much in the form of variable annuities, this product from Jackson is a great option for investors seeking a VA.  Jackson National Life Insurance company out of Lansing, MI is part of London’s Prudential P.L.C.

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