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Variable Annuities: Who has the most & best options?


According to Investment Weekly News, the Monument Advisor variable annuity from Jefferson National has the most Five-Star Morningstar Rating subaccounts.  Their flat-insurance fee variable annuities offer over 175 tax-deferred investment options with 50 of those having a Five-Star Morningstar Rating.  Jefferson’s closest competitors are Schwab’s One Source with 28 Five-Star ratings, Best Of America Advisor from Nationwide with 22, and Ameritas with 13 of the highest rated subaccounts.  On average, variable annuities only offer 4 of the Five-Star subaccounts so these companies offerings are significant.

Jefferson National’s President and CEO, Laurence Greenberg, is proud of his company’s products, especially since they are so hard to find currently in the variable annuity industry.  In addition to their Five-Star Rating subaccounts, Jefferson also has 46 Four-Star Morningstar Rating subaccounts.  Greenberg stressed the importance of Monument Advisor’s quality and range of options, especially in difficult market conditions.  It also carries one of the lowest costs in the industry.  An expert can determine if one of these variable annuities is the best annuity for you.

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