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Understanding Annuity Taxes

In "How Annuity Withdrawal are Taxed" by Kimberly Lankford of Kiplinger' Per onal Finance, Lankford explain the in and out of taxe on annuitie   There are 3 thing that need con idering when determining the taxe for annuitie : whether it i an immediate or deferred annuity, with what money the annuity wa purcha ed and in what way you will... Read More

Annuity & Life Insurance Roundtable

ING Life In urance and Annuity Company introduced roundtable di cu ion for their mid market con ultant and advi or , according to a company pre relea e via PR New wire  They con ider the mid market employer to be tho e with retirement plan a et between $20 million and $150 million  The e roundtable talk held by ING' US Retirement... Read More

More Annuity Regulation Possible

In urance regulator in the tate of New York are holding four hearing to determine if they need to add more regulation for life in urance and annuity contract ale , a written by Jonathan D Ep tein of the Buffalo New   The article, "In urance Department mull more over ight", ay that the hearing will tart in Buffalo on Augu t 6 and follow... Read More

Variable Annuities: Who has the most & best options?

According to Inve tment Weekly New , the Monument Advi or variable annuity from Jeffer on National ha the mo t Five-Star Morning tar Rating ubaccount   Their flat-in urance fee variable annuitie offer over 175 tax-deferred inve tment option with 50 of tho e having a Five-Star Morning tar Rating  Jeffer on' clo e t competitor are Schwab'... Read More

For Annuities: Choose Your Insurance Company Wisely

It i crucial to choo e in urance companie wi ely when purcha ing annuitie   Your annuity i only a ound a the in urance company that i backing it up  Sometime it can be beneficial to plit your money into annuitie at different in urance companie for even more ecurity  Kathy Kri toff of the LA Time further explained in "Check out... Read More

Annuity GLWB Features Understood

Many con umer a k what guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit feature are the be t to have  The article "Which GLWB I 'Be t'" by Jack Marrion of National Underwriter eek to an wer thi que tion  The purpo e of the GLWB i twofold: era ing the fear of running out of money in the future and giving control of the product to you  No matter... Read More

Unbeatable Rate: ING raises Guarantee Choice 5yr fixed annuity to 4.20%

ING USA ju t ignificantly rai ed the rate of their Guarantee Choice fixed annuity The 5-year rate i currently 420% for greater than $75,000 (4% for le than $75,000) Act now to lock in thi great rate, which i likely available only for the next week, when ING USA review it rate again Call 866-223-2121 to peak with an Annuity FYI... Read More

Variable Annuities Looking Good

Although con umer have been wary of many variable annuitie lately, Sun Life Financial Inc ha made change that have increa ed their ale   Thi information come from "Sun Life Beam About Variable Annuitie but Barrier Remain" by Matt Ackermann of American Banker  Valuable leader hip change within Sun Life led to the company "aggre ively... Read More

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