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Fixed & Immediate Annuities Soar in Popularity

For the first time in awhile, fixed annuities are selling better than variable annuities.  It’s no wonder with a financial marketplace that has been less than stable recently.  New York Life sells more immediate fixed annuities than anyone; they have seen an 80% increase in those sales from first quarter 2008 to 2009.  Even more amazing than that is MetLife’s deferred fixed annuity sales growth.  These sales have increased 12,000% from 2008 to 2009.  That is almost unbelievable.

So why the increases?  It’s fairly simple.  These annuities offer guaranteed payouts of 5% (deferred) and 8% (immediate).  That’s better than CD’s and Treasuries.  Fixed Annuities also help to preserve your capital and offer reliable income at a time when many other investments have tanked.  Most advisors recommend using annuities as the basis of your retirement plan and even combining them with other investments that carry more risk.

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