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Annuity FYI Alert: Top GMIB Benefits Are Being Reduced – Act Now to Lock in Higher Rates!


We are writing to alert you that top insurance companies are reducing their GMIB guarantees (guaranteed minimum income benefits) in the next several weeks. We are currently in a very small window where you can still lock in the higher rates, but you must act quickly. Examples among Annuity FYI’s top recommended GMIBs include:

CompanyAnnuity FYI’s Top Pick GMIBRate ReductionWhen
Ohio NationalGMIB Plus with AR6% to 5%mid-May
MetLifeGMIB Plus6% to 5%April 24th
INGGMIB7% to 6%May 1st

Why are these GMIB guarantees being reduced? Quite simply, they are too good a deal for the investor for the insurance companies to continue to offer.

Act now to lock in the higher rates by:

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