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Annuity FYI Affiliates are qualified Financial Planners, Financial Advisors, and/or Licensed Agents. They have been carefully chosen by Annuity FYI for their professionalism, knowledge, experience, and ethics. When you speak with an affiliate, either by phone or e-mail, they will share with you their broker-dealer affiliation, if applicable.

Annuity FYI Affiliates all share the same minimum qualifications:

  • For financial advisors fielding inquiries about variable annuities, Series 6 Securities License (allows for the selling of variable annuities, mutual funds)
  • Series 63 Blue Sky ((allows the selling of securities in states that require such licensing)
  • Life Insurance & Disability Insurance Licenses (allow the selling of specified fixed insurance products)
  • At least 10 years of investment experience
  • No complaints on their FINRA Record that resulted in a judgment against the broker-dealer
  • Annuity FYI Affiliates ledge to find one or more suitable annuity products for the client

When you call Annuity FYI, we will be pleased to send you Affiliate bios and individual qualifications beyond the above list.


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