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Secondary Market Annuities can be great alternatives to the current low yielding fixed income investments. Recently they have offered fixed compounded effective yields as high as 6%.

What is a Secondary Market Annuity?

Often, individuals are awarded annuities as a result of a lawsuit (such as a personal injury award) or winning a state lottery. Instead of a large one-time payment, they received a series of payments over time. Sometimes these individuals do not want to wait, or cannot afford to wait, years for their entire payouts. They can elect to sell their future payments to someone else in exchange for a lump sum payment today. The “resale” of these annuities are Secondary Market Annuities.

Investment Opportunities in Secondary Market Annuities

You can purchase a secondary market annuity from the original owner at a discount, and have the stream of income or lump sum payment(s) assigned to you. These plans will typically offer a rate of return well above standard fixed annuities, immediate annuities, CDs, or bonds of a similar credit quality. The payment of these annuities are safe and dependable — personal annuity receivables are direct obligations of insurance companies such as MetLife, John Hancock, Pacific Life, Allstate, Prudential, The Hartford, Aegon, and other A and AA rated carriers. Annuities from lottery winnings are all the direct obligations of state lotteries, and pre-defeased with US Treasury instruments maintained in segregated trust funds.

How to Get More Information, or Purchase Secondary Market Annuities

For more information, Annuity FYI offers you the following free resources:


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