What Is A Secondary Market Annuity?

Secondary Market Annuities can be great alternatives to the current low yielding fixed income investments. Recently they have offered fixed compounded effective yields as high as 6%.

Often, individuals are awarded annuities as a result of a lawsuit (such as a personal injury award) or winning a state lottery. Instead of a large one-time payment, they received a series of payments over time.



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Secondary Market Annuities Offer Higher Returns and Less Complexity

Each week, Annuity FYI publishes a secondary market annuity of the week that offers a great guaranteed yearly return.  Secondary market annuities may seem confusing to those who are not familiar with them, but these annuities are a great way...

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In 10 Years, Your $100 Could Be $163 with a Secondary Market Annuity

By putting your money in a bank savings account earning little to no interest, you might think that you are safe in protecting your money.  But that $100 you have in your account today earning no interest will actually only …

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Annuity FYI’s New Article: Annuities for Investors Over 85

The longer people live, the more questions Annuity FYI receives about the right products for people over 85.  With such a demand for information from both advisors and investors alike, we’ve put together an article to compare annuities for...

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MetLife’s VAs Now Have 4% Income Benefit

MetLife Inc. has made a big change with their variable annuity rider that could possibly end up effecting the industry as a whole.  According to Investment News’ Darla Mercado, advisors and competitors alike are watching to see what will...

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Two New FREE Annuity Tutorials

There are two new tutorials on the Annuity FYI website now, and the best news is that they are free to use.  We thought it was important to get more information out there for these two aspects of annuities that …

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“Secondary market annuities are guaranteed income streams or lump sum payments that someone is selling at a discount. By the individual selling at a discount they are creating a yield enhancement for the investor over traditional annuities. These are transferred via a court order to ensure the payments are securely transferred to the investor. That being said these transactions should be reviewed by an attorney that is not part of the transfer process to protect your hard earned dollars.”

Andrew Murdoch

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SMA Tutorial In 7 Easy Steps

SMA Tutorial In 7 Easy Steps

Annuity FYI is devoted to helping investors protect their retirement nest egg. Traditional wisdom of retirement planning…