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The deferred income annuities in the table below are what we believe to be the most competitive deferred income products available on the market today. Call Annuity FYI to speak about your specific needs – 1- 866-223-2121

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Deferred Income Solutions

We feature this annuity because of several features that gives the investor flexibility. First, during the deferral period it gives a one-time option to change the income start date (to an earlier or later date, by as much as 5 years). Second, during the income phase you can make up to 3 lump sum withdrawals of as much as 6 month’s worth of income. There is also an option for inflation-adjustment of up to 4% per year.


Guaranteed Income Builder

We feature this annuity because it is one of the most flexible deferred income annuities in the marketplace. Specifically: 1) It is unique among deferred income annuities in that, if you haven’t started taking income and decide you want your money back, you can surrender the contract and receive back at least 92% of the purchase payments; 2) It allows you to move your income start date twice (most contracts only permit one change); 3) It allows you to split your investment into two income streams with different start dates; and 4) It has a low initial investment — $2,500, and allows you to add as little as $500 at a time.


Defined Income Variable Annuity

This is a variable annuity that offers a 5.5% annually compounded growth rate for every year that you defer taking income. The withdrawal rate is determined by the age at which you purchase the annuity, not when you begin taking income. While the payout rate of this product will be lower than some of the other deferred income annuities we feature, it allows for more liquidity (there is a 7-year surrender period). ME&A fees apply: they total 1.90%.


Guaranteed Future Income

We like this annuity because it allows you to adjust your payment start date if your retirement plans change. You can also elect the Payment Acceleration option, where the insurance company will pay you the next six months’ payments at once, three times over the life of the contract (most annuities only let this occur once, if at all). Lastly, there is an optional feature that allows policyholders to increase income payments by 1-3% annually, which can help protect against inflation.


Future Income Achiever

We feature this annuity because it offers several different payment increase options, including the option to have your payments automatically increase or decrease along with the Consumer Price Index. Two times during the life of the contract, you can select the Advance Payment Option, where the insurance company will pay you the next six month’s payments at once. Lastly, we like that this annuity has several different death benefit options to help protect your money for your heirs.


Freedom Income

We like this annuity because it has optional inflation-protection features that allow investors to have their payments increase by as much as 6.5% to protect against inflation (most deferred income annuities only offer around 3%). Additionally, this annuity has several death benefit options to help protect your money for your heirs.


Secure Feature Income

We feature this annuity because it has a unique Payment Increase Option. Guardian uses a unique structure whereby your initial payments are lower, but grow each year (1-5% depending on which you select). Additionally, this product offers several different payout options, like most deferred income annuities, which can help protect the initial investment.


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