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In the current low interest rate environment, Annuity FYI believes fixed-indexed annuities may provide investors with a better return than fixed annuities, while still protecting your principal. Furthermore, some fixed-indexed annuities come with optional living benefit riders that can offer more income in later years than most other deferred annuities (on a guaranteed basis, assuming income is deferred).

Below please find a searchable database of virtually all available fixed-indexed annuities.

Allianz Security Benefit American Equity Great American


Updated: 04/18/12.

Top Fixed-Indexed Annuities
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Thanks you for your honesty!
5/5 Stars
Just wanted to compliment you on your balanced presentation of equity-indexed annuities, in particular how you highlight ones that may be worth exploring, as well as those you think are a terrible deal for the consumer. Your warnings against these equity-indexed products are very refreshing. I've not seen that before. Thanks you for your honesty!
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I really appreciate your friendly staff and valuable feedback on my annuity. You were the first group that actually helped me understand what I owned and didn't try to sell me something but in turn educated me how to get the most out of my current annuity.
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We both want to thank you so much for helping us. We really appreciate your explanation of fixed index annuities. Thank you again,