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We’ve done the research for you. One or more of the annuities compared below may fit into your retirement income plan. We believe these are the most competitive annuities with a bonus feature and the benefits that you may value most to help meet your financial needs in retirement. Contact Annuity FYI to help you determine if an annuity might be right for your situation, and if so, which annuity might fit your needs best – it may be a bonus annuity!


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Company & AnnuityBonus Amount & FeaturesSurrender ChargesFree WithdrawalsMEA FeesTo Order a Free Information Kit
axa_equitableAccumulator Plus /
Retirement Cornerstone CP
3%9 years starting at
10% beginning of year of contract value per year1.65%



pacificlifeValue SelectUnder $100k: 4%

$100k + : 5%

Bonus is on first year plus subsequent contributions

8 years starting at9%10% of purchase payments1.60%
LOGO_ALLIANZVision Variable (Income Protector)6%9 years starting at 8.5%12% of purchase payments1.70%
ohioONcore Xtra4%8 years starting at 9%10% of contract value per year1.40%

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***Bonus annuities may carry higher fees and charges than annuities without the bonus feature, may only accumulate interest prior to annuitization, and may not pay the bonus in case of early withdrawal.

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