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Deferred Income Annuity, aka Longevity Insurance

Deferred income annuities, or longevity insurance, are being introduced by more and more mutual insurance companies.  These annuities are becoming … Continued

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New Fixed Equity Indexed Annuity From Symetra Builds 2nd Quarter Figures

According to Symetra’s press release, “Symetra Financial Reports Second Quarter 2011 Results,” the company had a significant year over year … Continued

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Variable Annuity Product Development from Symetra

Some new registered annuities are being developed by Symetra Life Insurance, according to IBR’s “Symetra to develop registered annuities products.”  … Continued

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Indexed Annuity Linked to Commodities

Symetra Financial and Legacy Marketing Group are both offering commodities with their indexed annuity products now, according to Insurance News … Continued

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Fixed Annuities Help Symetra's Strong 1st Quarter

From a company press release, Symetra Financial showed strong first quarter 2010 results.  Their net income increased to $46.3 million … Continued

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Annuities Part of Five Step Retirement Plan

Symetra Financial’s press release “Five Steps to Retiring On Time” lists annuities as an important tool for retirement success.  A … Continued

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Annuity Options Upgraded for Your Benefit

Symetra Life Insurance Company is the latest provider of annuities to upgrade its options, according to “Symetra enhances its Freedom … Continued

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