Ladder Annuities for Yield or Income

Many experts recommend laddering annuity purchases in the same way that people ladder CD and bond purchases.  This allows you to stagger the maturity dates and take advantage of potential interest rate increases.  It’s unknown what will happen with interest … Continued

Expert Says Confirmation Bias Makes People Hate Annuities

Psychology and annuities have a much stronger connection than many people realize.  In Stan Haithcock’s recent Marketwatch article, he tries to determine “Why we hate annuities.”  Everyone doesn’t hate annuities, of course, seeing that more than $250 billion in annuities … Continued

2015’s Annuity Trends: Income Annuities and VAs w/out GLBs

LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute recently performed a lot of research in preparation for the annual Retirement Industry Conference that they co-sponsor.  They found two significant trends in the individual annuity industry.  This information comes from Linda Koco’s Insurance News Net’s … Continued

A Fixed Annuity with Living Benefits from New York Life

New York Life Insurance Company released a unique fixed annuity product last October without any introduction or fanfare.  This deferred fixed annuity is one of the first to offer guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefits comparable to those of variable annuities and … Continued