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Stay on top of the latest news & trends affecting the annuity industry. Annuity FYI’s annuity blog is regularly updated with original articles covering products, insurance company news and financial expert’s commentary. Whether you are an annuity owner or financial professional, Annuity FYI’s blog will keep you informed.

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Feds Disagree on the Future of the DOL Fiduciary Rule

The future of the new Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule is very questionable after the head of the Senate Homeland … Continued

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Securian Offers Four New Annuity Products

Earlier this week, Securian Financial Group announced the addition of four new annuity solutions to its suite of products. The … Continued

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Kansas Judge Won’t Block DOL Fiduciary Rule, Second Win for the Regulation

A second judge has refrained from admonishing the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule earlier this week. The Kansas federal judge … Continued

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Indexed Annuity Sales Continue Upward Trend, VA Sales Spiral Downward

It’s been a great year for fixed indexed annuities as sales appear to be headed to a record high in … Continued

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Annuity Riders and Other LTC Options

The cost of long-term care (LTC) can be astronomical, putting the financial future of families at stake without the proper … Continued

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Understanding Annuity Income

There are a lot of choices when purchasing an annuity, but in general, the guaranteed  lifetime income stream is always … Continued

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Top FIA Myths and Why They’re Wrong

Did you know that more than 25 million Americans, aged 60 and over, are living at or below 250% of … Continued

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Immediate Annuity Options Alleviate Access Concerns

An annuity is a contractual product sold by financial institutions that is designed to accept and grow funds from an … Continued

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Confinement Care Riders 101

According to a recent article by annuity guru Stan Haithcock, deferred annuities with attached confinement care riders are the “most … Continued

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Low Rates Spark Interest in Indexed Annuities

With no real sign of an increase in interest rates, investors continue to look for places to put their money … Continued

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Low Interest Rates Aren’t a Good Reason to Delay Buying an Annuity

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