Baby Boomers May Work Longer, Live Less Comfortably in Retirement

The Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) is a retirement income industry association made up of insurers, financial professionals, asset managers, broker dealers and distributors.  According to Benefits Pro’s Ed Silverstein, “(The) IRI forecasts (a) strong 2015 for annuities.”  The association’s research … Continued

IRI Industry Predictions: Fixed Indexed Annuity Sales & 3% Interest Rates

The Insured Retirement Institute released their State of the Industry report last month.  The report offers insight into the overall annuity market for 2015 as well as a prediction that interest rates will rise above 3% this year.  In Think … Continued

Longevity Annuities Are Poised To Take Off This Year

Yesterday’s blog post listed some of the reasons why annuities are not in many defined contribution plans and why they are likely to be offered in many more plans in the future.  Jean Chatzky agrees with this and believes that … Continued

Does Your Defined Contribution Plan Offer Lifetime Income Options?

Those workers lucky enough to have a pension plan from their employer receive a stream of income payments during retirement that will last as long as they live.  Most workers, however, have defined contribution plans like 401ks instead of pensions.  … Continued

U.S. News: “You May Want to Consider Annuities”

U.S. News & World Report’s MONEY says that annuities are something you should consider if you expect to live a long life in the article “The ABC’s of Annuities,” by Joanne Cleaver.  Some fee-based financial planners might not be quick … Continued