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Stay on top of the latest news & trends affecting the annuity industry. Annuity FYI’s annuity blog is regularly updated with original articles covering products, insurance company news and financial expert’s commentary. Whether you are an annuity owner or financial professional, Annuity FYI’s blog will keep you informed.

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Annuity Myth Busting

An annuity is a contract with an insurance company that pays out regular monthly payments, guaranteed for life, in exchange … Continued

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Ohio National Financial Services Joins FIA Market

The fixed indexed annuity (FIA) market has a new player according to a recent article from InsuranceNewsNet. Ohio National Financial … Continued

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Annuity Study: Gap Exists Between What Consumers Want and What they Buy

The 3rd Annual Guaranteed Lifetime Income Study, completed recently by Greenwald & Associates and Cannex, has given some valuable insights … Continued

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And the Award for Annuity Innovator of the Year goes to…

On March 17, EQDerivatives will honor this year’s Annuity Innovator of the Year at an award ceremony in New York … Continued

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New Fixed Annuity Series from American Equity

One of the leading issuers of fixed index annuities has just announced a new product to their already competitive portfolio. … Continued

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Thinking About an Annuity? Consider This…

If you’re preparing to retire in the coming years, and are looking for a way to generate consistent income, you … Continued

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Industry Braces for Fiduciary Rule, Firms Set Annuity Commission Rates

A new report from industry consultants, Kehrer Bielan Research & Consulting, predicts that banks and credit unions will likely establish … Continued

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A Face-lift for Variable Annuities

With interest rates on the rise, equity markets holding steady and the fiduciary regulations on the horizon, it’s not surprising … Continued

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Tax-Sheltered Annuities 101

Annuity products can be very valuable tools in financing a retirement. While they don’t make sense for everyone, many can … Continued

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Can an Annuity Replace Your Pension?

Traditionally, pensions have provided individuals with the peace of mind of a steady income stream in retirement. And while some … Continued

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